Our Work

Educate And Protect Young People


AOTR provides a high-quality education that equips students with the tools they need to truly change their lives. Through our own preschool and our partnership with another local private school, we educate over 200 students, aged 2 years – 9th grade.

We also operate an after-school program. Our students are taught primarily in English but also learn two local languages. Science and math are strongly emphasized. Equally, if not more importantly, students are deeply nurtured in a loving and joy-filled environment.

Gender Equality

When girls are educated, healthy, and safe, they can grow into empowered women who lift up their families, their communities, and the world.

Sadly, for families living in poverty, a daughter’s education is not always prioritized. According to a recently released Oxfam report, girls from the lower strata of society are lucky to see a classroom at all, and even those who make it to school are often pulled out when money is tight.

At AOTR, we work hard to educate the community we serve to value the lives of girl babies, keep their girls in school, avoid child marriage, and respect and protect females of all ages.

Anti-Human Trafficking

The United Nations’ latest report on Global Trafficking shows that Human Trafficking continues to be on the rise in India. Close to 80% of human trafficking across the world is done for sexual exploitation. India is considered the hub of this crime in Asia and less than 1% of cases in India result in convictions. Children living in poverty are at higher risk for human trafficking.

We educate families on the dangers of trafficking and teach them ways to prevent being victimized.