About Us

Why Ark Of The Rainbow?

When you look at where to give back, you have a lot of options. So why choose us?

We offer a proven solution.

“The best way to break the cycle of poverty is through education.” – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We are focused on helping without hurting.

It’s not about giving a hand-out, rather it’s about giving a hand UP and cheering them on as they achieve new goals.

We enlist the people we serve to help design what they need.

We never assume that we know what they need or the best way to help them. Every year - WE ASK.

We maximize your impact.

Public donations are never used to cover any overhead expenses. 100% of your donation to Ark of the Rainbow goes directly to fund programs that create life transformation for the people who most need it. All fundraising and overhead expenses are covered by separate private donations.

We promote local employment from the community we are serving.

We equip and empower local leaders to help their own communities - it increases our efficiency, creates sustainable development and helps us build long-term, deep transformational relationships.